It’s ALL about the Product

Stay focused on your product, we believe great bargain or business dealing experience is what your customer cares about.

Join SenangPage to boost up your sales after making the switch.

Feature Highlights

Why choose SenangPage?Here are three features to highlight:

Make Your Brand & Identity Standout

FREE domain with your brand that help your customer search your brand easily

Direct Product Enquiry (DPE)

Customer able to make precise product enquiry at times.

You will be notified in seconds and able to make an immediate response.

Customise Automated Sales Promotion

Launch different type of sales promotion with just few clicks

eg: BUY 3 FREE 2 (same type of product), BUY 2 FREE 1 (choose different type of product)



Simple sales funnel page with payment module

Order notification via email / sms for merchant

Merchant defined subdomain for brand identity

Invoice and receipt ready

Voucher / promo code ready

Sales channel product link

2 tiers of item choices setup which can almost sell any thing

Inventory management (coming soon)

Customer demand box (coming soon)


Effective and efficient management will ease you on the overwhelming orders procedure.

  • Invoice Management
  • Credit Slip Management
  • Delivery Slip Management
  • Shopping Carts Management


Product is the core, product management is essential that needs extensive care and effort in order to provide the best shopping experience.

  • Product Management
  • Product Attributes & Features Management
  • Vendors/Suppliers & Brands Management
  • Files / Media Management
  • Discount / Promo Management

Analytics & Reports

Analyses and reports would give the overview of the activity status of your sales, and to further improve the experiences to boost up your sales.

  • Cart Analytics
  • Available Quantity
  • Best Category & Suppliers
  • Catalogue Analytics
  • Customers Info & Trend


We care about our customers. The customer experience has become a critical differentiator in the hyper-competitive, hyper-connected global marketplace today.

  • Customer Management
  • Customer Services
  • Customer Enquiry Management
  • Order Messages


Check our Pricing

SenangPage LITE
even my grand ma knows how to operate it

  • Maximun 5 Products
  • Payment gateway **
  • Email notification **
  • Instant Order notification

SenangPage PREMIUM established business, expanding it

  • Maximun 3000 Products
    (Expand Limit By Request)
  • Come with Product Categories
  • Payment gateway **
  • Email notification **
  • Instant Order notification
  • + Custom Page Design

SenangPage CUSTOM
build empire together with us

  • Let's work some thing great together

** Terms and Conditions applied